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2016 Soybean Farm Trial Results

2016 presented me with an opportunity to plan some soybean trials. The perfect location, perfect soil comparisons, and hopefully the time to do it right. Original plan was to run some simple variety plots of the 5 different varieties I had booked from several seed companies. When discussing my seeding plans with one seed rep, he…

Trimble FMX 1000

Tips for making the most of your day in the tractor cab

  Been asked in the past by some of my Twitter followers about how I set things up in my tractor cab to make things go a little easier everyday. In the past I have been the guy that never gets to drive a tractor since I am the lowest guy on the seniority scale.…


How To Read Ag Talk Chat Forums.

If you are a farmer and an information junkie, there is one tool that should be second nature to you.  An RSS Reader Google Reader is the grand daddy of them all, but they shocked the industry last month when they said they were shutting down this great service that so many people depended on.…


Welcome to the New

I know what you’re thinking, What do we need another Blog for? Isn’t the Internet full yet? No it isn’t and this blog will be an extension of my @webfarmer Twitter account . Sometimes you need to have more than 140 characters to say what you want to say. Whether anybody agrees, or cares for…