How To Read Ag Talk Chat Forums.

How To Read Ag Talk Chat Forums.

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If you are a farmer and an information junkie, there is one tool that should be second nature to you.  An RSS Reader

Google Reader is the grand daddy of them all, but they shocked the industry last month when they said they were shutting down this great service that so many people depended on. There are many companies scrambling to fill the void, I am trying several but my current favorite is Feeddler for Ipad

None of us have time to go to all the great sites there are out their everyday, pulling in the RSS feed from a site allows you to quickly scan the posts and if you are interested, you can quickly link to the site and start reading. You can also favorite the post and come back later.

See the notes at the bottom of the post for all the RSS feed URL’s for most of your favorite ag sites. Unfortunately NewAgTalk doesn’t provide a feed of their posts, but nearly everyone else does.

And don’t forget to add the feed from the WebFarmer Blog at